Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Chaos Mound

So, it's been about a month since Dark Vengeance and I've yet to pick up my copy.  But I'm not disheartened. In preparation to opening the gates of Chaos I've begun a set of appropriately themed terrain.  This mound is sculpted out of expanded polystyrene, coated in a hardener and based on 5mm thick hard board. The 8 pointed star is based on an old Chaos Star pin I had decades ago in my skateboarding days.  This Chaos Mound is perfect to display a Champion or Chaos Engine and can be used in both games of 40,000 and Fantasy Battles.  I was thinking about adding some foliage and giving it more more "elder thing" look. However, I liked the way the cracks came out so well so I decided to leave the mound bald.

"Be seeing you..."

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