Display Boards

The first one.  The client provided the Cherub bits. I modeled the additional leaf clumps and column bases. The board was a two layers of white foam on a 1/4" MDF. 

Similar to the first one, this board also featured a canal a few ruins that could be removed to be used as terrain and a bridge (not shown).

1/4" MDF and foam base. Foam core board for the tiles, steps and dais. The client also wanted the bases to be painted.

1/4" MDF and foam base. I used cake columns for the ruined colonnade and foam core board with one side's paper removed for the aqueduct. The colonnade is removable for storage and transportation with wood dowels bolted into the MDF to support them when in place.  This one took almost two weeks to complete but I was given complete freedom to make it.

The client provided the board and roughed out the shape of the hills himself. I then finished up the work and covered it all with plaster cloth. Sculpted sandbags and camouflage net was also made.  The edge of the board was fitted with 1/8" MDF since it was such a large piece and would be prone to transport damage.

single layer of MDF with foam beach and cliff face which was covered in plaster cloth for durability. The back was covered in foam core board for durability. The client built the ship wreck and I added the boulders and base. The ship was primed only because the client wanted to paint it herself

24"x36"  1/4" thick MDF mounted to a wood frame. The maintenance bay was made from 1/4" MDF and fitted with a wire railing and various bits. The two rows of light were shaped from plastic dowel and painted bright green with modest OSL.  O scale diamond plate plasticard was added per the client's choice. The caution stripes and Adeptus Mechanicus emblem are freehand painted.  The client also asked for 60 or so bases to be painted to match and a selection of bits to be added after the models were glued on.

Not shown on this page are another display board based on a desert with the ruined Aquila from GW and a display plaque for the Fellowship miniatures from the GW boxed set of the Mines of Moria.

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