Thursday, January 21, 2010

Selling off my War Table...

I'm selling this two part 4'x4' table to make way for a larger, single piece table.  The table is composed of two 2'x4' pieces made of wood.  As you can see, I've reinforced the underside to keep the thing level.  I used this laid across a 3' x 4' folding table.  The texture is very light and was achieved with a rattle can of textured paint.  Paint was then sprayed on in layers and sealed in a semigloss over coat. There is no flock, grass or surface detail as I intended to make several area terrain pieces that could be moved about for different effects.  The edges are painted black.  Both tables can be easily lifted by an average sized adult in decent health.  I have them currently leaning up in the entry way as temporary storage.

If you're interested in purchasing these, respond to the Craig's List Ad I have.  I'll remove this post, the ad and the link when the table sells.

I'm asking cost of materials with a little extra to compensate the time to put it all together:  $25 each or both for $40.  I'm looking for Sacramento local sales only unless you're willing to drive here to pick them up.