Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mini of the Month entry for June at

This was the "extra" boss I had from the second Assault on Black Reach set I picked up a while back. When the contest for's Mini Of the Month came up, I couldn't resist converting it into a Boss in Full WAAAAAGH!

Hmmm...after a quick and gratuitous primer and paint of the fleshy bits, I can begin to see where this mini is the CHOPAS!!

Now to put it all back together the way I want it...

As usual, I dove into my bits box and grabbed a few bits along the theme of a debris strewn battle field which included cut offs from hole punches, plastic rod and a deck plate looking piece. I then added some cut down model spru and fine sand. I beefed up the shoulders with styrene card and fabricated a custom Boss Pole. The helmet is from a Fantasy line Ogre. I raised his head and filled in the gap with a Humie's skull. The belt was from a Dark Eldar jet bike and the balls and chain came from the bits tray of a local games store. Not sure what figure set they're from. The final touch was the chain blade from an Ork Nob. Not sure how that piece will play into the rules for the mini, but it LOOKS KOOL!!