Saturday, October 6, 2012

Fenrisian Woods...

...or basically any snow bound woodland you'd like to have on your table or model display.  Each of these are approximately 12" by 5" across the base and about 5" at the tallest tree.  The rocks are hand sculpted from polymer clay.  One stand is on a 1/4" thick piece of hard board and the other is a 3/4" tall styrene rise mounted to 1/4" thick board.  The snow effect is thickened white acrylic paint applied with a pallet knife to the rocks and trees and brushed over a coarse textured surface of medium grain sand.  Both stands impede line of sight without actually blocking it and have enough interior space to fit a Rhino, Dreadnaught or similarly sized model. The larger rocks were sculpted to allow a 28mm miniature to stand on them.

Updated photo: 10-16-2012

There are four pieces done up now.  Two large enough to fit a Rhino or similarly sized model or a ten-man tactical squad.

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