Friday, January 11, 2013

A little off the track...

Okay, so these aren't directly related to miniatures battle games, but have been a significant influence in my enjoyment of the hobby. These paintings are on their way to a local doughnut shop called Doughbot Donuts who makes the most epic donuts this gamer could ever want. It's a shame I don't live closer 'cause these would rock during a game of Warhammer 40,000. My current favorite is the Bacon Chocolate!

If you ever get into Downtown Sac in the early part of the day, stop by their shop and try them out.  Pure AWESOME awaits!

 Necron99, later known as Peace, is my favorite character from the classic animated story Wizards. Shortly after seeing this film, courtesy of VHS, I converted a Guardsman to look like Peace and used it as a character mini in many a game. I'm tinkering with the idea of doing an allied detachment consisting of a platoon of Necron99 Guardsmen lead by a  Commissar called Blackwolf, though I'll most likely take the concept to a unit of Blood Angels Scouts or maybe some Storm Boys.
Gojira!  Godzilla to us westerners.  Who can deny that the awesome, often stunningly detailed miniature sets featured in the TOHO films hadn't inspired the would be terrain maker in all of us.  For a few of us, the great old monster has become synonymous with the armies we play.

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