Friday, September 14, 2012

...And Even More Tyranid Scenery...

This time, there's a digestion pool (not pictured in the last post ) an overrun ruin and a couple of multispires. My goal is to create at least one piece of scenery based on all the organisms not covered in rules and a few "left overs" like the overrun ruins, some dead mycetic spores and spires and few other ideas I have knocking around.  So, first a look at the spires:

A couple of these are updates as the plaster cloth types weren't all that impressive after all. Just as well: majorly messy.  The spires get a satin clear coat to bring out the details create more contrast with the bases.  The gaunt is a test piece for my upcoming swarm...waiting on the meta before I commit to a full army.

And now for the disgusting gory glory of the digestion pool:

Construction began as a large crater with a smaller one for the spire. The goo is mostly scenic rock, these plastic pellets I had horded for Emperor knows how long and hot glue. After the initial paint dried, I glazed it with reds, yellows, browns and some purple. Woodland Scenic's Realistic Water was then poured in and ribbons of the left over glaze worked throughout. The toothy like protrusions up the "fleshy" side of the spire were added then a layer of  "tendons" added.

And now, the ruins:

These two structures can be combined to form a larger building. I painted the rubble around the base of the spire to match the interior of the building and minimized the muck to allow as many minis in as possible.

Expect to see a few more of these especially once I get some GW models to work with.


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