Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Some sets of terrain I did for GEG

It was great seeing my terrain in use during the opening of the CoC. Based on the responses and opinions I got from some of the players, it seems that the terrain not only looked well, but played well. Here's a few pics I took at the tournament.

 Island terrain set.  I'm planning a fully modeled board with larger pieces of terrain that can be moved about for variety.
 Here's a detail shot of the Island center piece.  I like the way the cave turned out.

 Here's the Snow set.  Based on the Battle of Hoth complete with a Wampa cave.
A detail shot of the Wampa along with gratuitous art label nested in the cave.  Sculpting the Wampa was a lot of fun.  I researched the creature through several sources and noted that it would only be a head or two taller than a Space Marine. I went with a slightly larger scale to make it look more menacing.

Here's a shot of my brother's army on the board I made him.  It's 24"x24" on expanded foam based on hard board and included some ruins and rubble terrain.

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  1. Love the work on the terrain!

    my vendetta looks good on it. think I'll have to save up for a set.